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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

URGENT ACTION NEEDED NOW for five members of Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority facing IMMINENT RISK OF EXECUTION

Sayed Jaber Alboshoka  and his brother Sayed Mokhtar Alboshoka, Mohammed Ali Amouri and teachers Hashem Sha’bani Amouri and Hadi Rashidi.
We have received a personal plea from Kamil Alboshoka who has connections with the Jersey AI group for our support over members of his family and their friends, after their death sentences were upheld by the Supreme Court of Iran in January. The sentence could be carried out at any time. All were arrested in connection with their activities on behalf of Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority. They are believed to have been tried unfairly and were reportedly tortured in detention. The men were originally sentenced to death  on 7th July 2012 by Branch 2 of the Ahwaz Revolutionary Court. Amnesty has initiated an urgent action letter writing campaign on behalf of the five men.
Action must be taken before 1st  MARCH. Please

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ahwazi political activist Naji sends a message to the British Parliament

Jane Ellison MP
Dear Mrs Ellison

I am writing to you considering a matter of very high
importance, since it’s a matter of life or death of innocent people.
I, myself, is a refugee, who entered the UK since 2007 . I fled Iran when the oppression regime there intensified its brutal oppression against us the (Arab minority) in our land called Ahwaz Or Arabistan, a county in south-west of Iran. As small family with my wife and children , we managed to survive many crises, crises which vary from hiding our self for months and years (paying for local authorities a fortune to turn a blind eye towards us) to suffering a real imprisonment with life threatening torture. So, we are fully aware what does it mean to be a minority inside Iran and you dare to speak your own language or celebrate some of your national occasions!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rights groups call on Iran to stop execution of Arab activists

LONDON (Reuters) - Two rights groups urged the Iranian judiciary
on Thursday to quash death sentences against five members of Iran's Arab minority and halt their executions on grounds of torture and unfair legal proceedings.
London-based Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, which is based in New York, said in a statement the five had been sentenced last year on terrorism-related charges because of their links to a banned cultural institute that promoted their Arab heritage.