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Friday, June 28, 2013

Is Ahwaz entitled to self-determination?

 The aim of this article is to figure out whether Ahwaz can be
qualified to self -determination under the international law.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The execution of Ahwazi intellectuals is an obvious phenomenon of national genocide committing by Iran

 When we look carefully at the history of Ahwazi Arab people of repression, violence and capital punishment we will find out that they have a bitter prolong experience of systematic crackdown in decades.
Meanwhile the execution of Ahwazian intellectuals  historically have always inflected an irreparable blow to the liberty movement of this occupied nation which is struggling to gain its fundamental rights of self- determination for years. The executions of early leaders of Arabistan liberty movement in 1963 ,the repressive policies of Islamic republic of Iran against Ahwazi people in every aspects of their life, and the tragic bloody massacre of Almuhammerah city in 1979, and the harsh crackdown of popular uprising in 2005 are vivid evidences  that the intellectuals Ahwazian figures and the political class of this nation repeatedly have been targeted by prison ,repression and execution.
The biggest popular uprising of Ahwazi people broke out on 9 April 2005 when people from different cities turned out into the streets and protested against the distribution of circular (petition) attributed to Mohammad Ali Abtahi ,former vice president parliamentary legal affairs of the president Mohammad Ali Khatami

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Execution sentence is the Iran”s last resort to liquidate Alahwazian prisoners

Since the popular uprising broke out in Alahwaz in 2005, the
Iranian regime began to conduct  a systematic liquidation of Ahwazian prisoners by deploying death Sentence as last resort to suffocate the Ahwazian voices.
When the Iranian regime perceived that its agenda has been failed to put out the peaceful resistance of Alahwazian people the Iranian authorities by the help of their deeply flawed criminal justice system began to prioritize the death penalty of Alahwzian prisoners ,amid warnings from the human rights organizations and the amnesty international organization .

Sunday, June 2, 2013


The Ahwazian cultural and intellectual activist, Hashem Shabani has revealed a humanitarian appeal
from Karoon prisonthat is addressed to all human rights organizations and the amnesty international organization highlighting the fact that the whole accusationswhich flung out on him and his mates are fully fabricated by the Iranian intelligence service which is now playing with the lives of our best highly educated youths through accusing them with vague accusations to bring them to the gallows rope.
In his letter which is written in Arabic by his own handwriting, he describesthe imposed charges on himself and his cellmates are really cruel and unfair. He starts his desperate appeal as follow:
To those whom concern about human rights
Dear sisters and brothers: