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Friday, September 27, 2013

Stop on-going executions in Al-Ahwaz amidst silence and indifference from the international community

Petition Background (Preamble)

Islamic Republic of Iran has and continues to violate basic human rights of Ahwazi Cultural rights activists by imposing death and harsh prison sentences. In a new wave of crackdown against Ahwazi Arabs an Iranian revolutionary court sentenced three activist in an unfair trial after subjecting them to torture at intelligence services facilities. The three men were arrested with six others last November 2012.
These Ahwazi Arabs have been sentenced to death by a notorious judge who is currently the subject of EU sanctions.

Ali Chebeishat (47), Sayed Yasin Mousawi (35) were convicted by judge Seyed Mohammad Bagher Moussavi at Branch 2 of Ahwaz Revolutionary Court. A third activist, Salman Chayan (32), was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment in the city of Yazd; he had been transferred to Fatemeh Alzhra hospital in late July after his health deteriorated in Dezful prison, where he was being held. All three men are members of the Youth of Shush Cultural Institute. Their forced "confessions", following months of torture, have been recorded for broadcast by Iran's English language broadcaster Press TV