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Monday, October 14, 2013

The rise of cesarean surgeries among Arab women

In almost every country in the world couples get to decide on how
many children they want to have. This is their basic rights as human beings, to be given a choice, and to decide for their selves. From the beginning of human kind we were born to reproduce. Long ago each family had at least seven or eight children. Why do they have so many children?  The survival of the children would benefit the parents, and the population of a certain group.

When a group of people go to war, most likely the people are going to have more children to carry their name. Al-Ahwaz is a country that has been occupied by Iran since 1925. The Iranians have a plan though; to make the Arabs have fewer children. They have been going through with this plan for a while, and they cover their tracks very well. They do not want the Arabs to be a big population, so it would be easier to control them, and to keep them under the Iranian regime.