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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The new world order and us ! By:Layth Zargani

No denial that the middle east is changing in every single moment
that we are spending in our lives , and as far as we can see , these changes have been an urgent requirements for the new world order .

The observer of the Middle East affairs will notice that some countries over there are composed from mixed ethnics such as Iraq and Iran .

Iraq already preceded the region by an military intervention to rid it of a dictatorial regime . Some ethnics of Iraq has reached Their required rights which they were fighting for , such as Kurds , and some others will get their rights soon , after they started to ask for them in a federalism system , like Iraqi Sunnies .

But the situation in Iran is much more complicated . Because the current geography of Iran is  formed from more than 5 different ethnic groups , such as persians , Kurds , Azaries , Balouchs , and finally Ahwazi Arabs .

The very interesting thing is that every single ethnic in Iran is looking for their right to self-determination , and each ethnic group began to build their own society , and prepare for the next step which is building their own countries .

In this situation and according to the changes in Middle East , there is no way for the iranian regime to survive and stay untouched by the changes happening ,  for more than a few years

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Derive or Divide : athar eaqob

There is a huge difference in the definition of the two words
“derive” and “divide” but unfortunately it has always been faulty understood among people and my nation is not an exception. As an Ahwazi individual, I have always witnessed the argument of “I don’t believe in politics” among Ahwazi refugees and immigrants and have always been amazed of this face, that the argument always ends up in one person dropping the conversation, just before their thoughts meet in its mutual point, claiming that they don’t like being pushed into politics, advertised by politicians and so on.

Ahwazi men and women in sidewalks selling cheap goods

In an oil rich and gas rich area such as Ahwaz, because of the
poverty of the Arabic nation due to the oppression exercised by the so called “Iran” against them, Ahwazi men and women have to do low jobs like selling cheap goods and products on the dirty sidewalks of Ahwaz to make a living.

More attempts to destroy the Arabic heritage of Ahwaz by Iranian Regime By: Rahim Hamid

 On Monday 17th March, the Ahwazi human rights activists have been informed by the local Ahwazi sources inside Ahwaz that the Iran occupied forces bulldozed and demolished one of the most important Arabic historical monuments known by the name of “Saray Ajam” in Ahwaz capital as an aim to eradicate the historical heritage of Ahwazi Arab people. This is not the first time that the Iranian forces target the historical buildings in Ahwaz.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Worker’s Strike in the Middle of the Capital Ahwaz

Fars News announced yesterday Friday, March, 2014 on their
website a report stating “ The employees went on a; the employees of Nasr Company (Nasr Jihad) that belongs to the Persian revolutionary guard in the capital city of Ahwaz” They went on a strike in front of the company because they did not receive their salaries.

The source added that the Ahwazian workers came from various cities of the occupied Ahwaz. Some of the cities are: Al-khafajiyah, Al-hamidiyah, Al-falahiyah, Al-soos, and

The Ahwazi Arab women On the international woman day

The Ahwazi Arab women On the international woman dayIt is heartbreaking when we think about the abject and inhuman treatment that the Ahwazi Arab women receive on a daily basis. They suffer double persecution by the Iranian regime due to their ethnicity and gender. This in every single aspect of their lives, in areas such as education, health, politics and social life. While Ahwazi Arab men are second-class citizens, Ahwazi women are regarded as third class.
Illiteracy among Ahwazi Arab women is around 80 percent, compared to around 50 percent for Ahwazi men and 27% for Iran as a whole. Ahwazi women suffer from health  due to lack of adequate health facilities. As a result, Ahwazi women suffer from gynecological problems and have a high incidence of infertility, stillbirths and birth deformities.Ahwazi Arab women are also subjected to state terrorism. In the recent years, the wives of Ahwazi political and cultural activists have been arrested and imprisoned, along with their small children, in order to put pressure on their husbands to confess to crimes they did not commit.

International Women’s Day by:Kholoud Ali

International Women’s Day by:Kholoud Ali
International women’s day is a day where we  women’s political, social and economic achievements around the world, in history and now. It is a day where we remember the struggles women went through in their daily lives and for their rights.
It began on March 8th 1914 where the UN began celebrating this occasion, which is now being continued in the tradition of people’s lives.
We Ahwazi women have been through a lot of complications within political, social and cultural situations, and we still seem to build ourselves up by standing beside our fathers, brothers, husbands and children. We do this to become equal, to become one strong family where there is an understanding within  and rights, where there is peace within our streets, neighbourhood and community.
So congratulations to all  around the world, including Ahwazi women, whom have fought for peace and dignity.

The reactionary phenomenon of deliberate mass linguicide policy of non-Persian nations in Iran

By: Rahim Hamid
I begin my study by addressing some constructive questions about
the common factors that can be attributed to the gradual extinction of language, which frequently occurs intentionally and systematically particularly in multiethnic countries that one language strictly dominated on other languages as a discriminatory policy to assimilate the language of the ethnic minority or aboriginal people by imposing the most spoken language of particular majority on these people and placing a long ban on their languages to build monolingual country. Apparently, the non-Persian languages have been subjected to harsh measures of linguicide

Friday, March 7, 2014

Polish Diplomat Slams Iran During Visit

Poland's Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski visited Iran this past weekend, only to find that he was blocked from visiting the website of a major Polish newspaper due to Iran's extensive internet censorship laws.
This apparently didn't sit right with the official, who aired his grievances publicly during a press conference held in Tehran.

An excellent, if cringeworthy, clip from that speech has now been posted online by Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In it, Sikorski calls out Iran's censorship and poor human rights record while his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif glares peevishly a few feet away

Monday, March 3, 2014

Scream and fight of the gallows Non-Persian young to see his mother
In a video released on the Internet and the social networks show that the death of a young from Karaj’s Zour Abad region on 26 February 2014. 
But the shocking issue of the death scene was a young cries to meet his mother. The young man after was taken on the podium, he shouted that wants to see his mother.
Disregarding the officers and officials to demand led to this young man attacked them.
Young ‘s demand to see his mother severely increased so that the bracelet tied on back of his hands broken and he beat and kicked the officers and soldiers below.
After that, the officers stormed on young man, laid him on the ground, then they handcuffed him and forcibly took the podium and he was hanged.
No report on youth crime and the reason for his death have been published.
Death sentences and its implementation in Iran always followed by protests from human rights organizations and defenders.
The UN has warned the surge rise of execution in Iran where Iran is second country in world after china by mean of drag accusation where Iranian authorities use it to crackdown the voice of freedom fighter.
On June 2012 Iranian authorities has executed innocent three brothers and their cousin and in December 2013 also executed 4 persons from Falahyeh without prior notice to their lawyer and families which is against human right law.
 Recently  secret execution  has been raised where occupier has executed Hashem Shaabani  and Hadi Rashidi on January 2014 where they have been moved to unknown  place on December 2013.
 for watching movie please click    HERE

Environment destruction in Al-Alwaz’s Falahyeh and Ma’ashoor cities

Ahwazi  Democratic  Popular Front ( Jadsh ) sources in
Ma’ashoor  and Falahyeh cities Spotted  the deliberated destruction of the environment by the authorities of the Iranian occupation in the two cities , by contaminating rivers and marshes and throwing chemical dumps which damaging them , causing mortality of all kinds of animals that feed through those places , such as fish and birds  
It is worth to Mentions that Iran occupied proceeded to destroy all signs of life and marginalization areas inhabited by non- Persian peoples, particularly Al-Ahwaz, beginning from the theft of oil passing through the drying Karoon river, ending with the destruction of the marshes and rivers in agricultural areas in Mashoor and Flaheyeh
The Iranian authorities keeps on ignoring all human right violation where there was chemical leakage from Ma’ashoor chemical  company which results of dying thousands of Aquatics last year.
The  Ahwazi  Democratic  Popular  Front ( Jadsh)  Certainly condemns this work and added it to the  occupier’s  crimes  in order to Prosecute Iran by international courts