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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Public Invitation - we honor the struggle of Ahwazi women for freedom and liberation

An Ahwazi woman was not absent from the national’s liberation
struggle and were strongly participating in the revolution of non-Persian nations in 1979 in the political geography so-called Iran, as well as strong and effective participation in the national demonstrations that began in the cities of Abadan and Mohammareh and Ahwaz after the victory of the revolution of the non-Persian nations to demand the rights of the Ahwazi Arab people.
Also Ahwazi woman demonstrated, fought and died in glory stand in Mohammareh that known as Black Wednesday massacre committed by the Persian occupation authorities, and continued to struggle through the Ahwazi Women's Union of the Arab front during the war of Iran-Iraq, And also on the fifteenth of April 2005 uprising, she is struggled in all arenas of the national struggle tirelessly and relentlessly.

Mass demonstrations held by the Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front in Toronto and London

 Despite the extreme cold and snow, hundreds of Ahwazis on Saturday February 21,2015 gathered in the Canadian city of Toronto under the national flag of Al-Ahwaz in solidarity with the Ahwazi Arab people’s rallies and mass demonstrations run in an occupied Al-Ahwaz, against the Persian occupation’s practices, which culminating in all aspects of daily life in the Al-Ahwaz.
Representatives from non-Persian peoples front has been participated in the demonstrations, such as Ahwazi Democratic Popular front (ADPF), south Azerbaijan independence party, South Turkmenistan party and Baluchistan party waving flags of Ahwazi, Azerbaijani and Baluchi, and also number of the Arab community attended in solidarity with the Ahwazi Arab people.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Front of Nations for Self-determination calls for demonstration in London

For several days that thousands of Ahwazi Arab people have gathered in front of Ahwaz Governor
office in Ahwaz’s capital demanding rapid actions to cope with the toxic dust storm that has currently crippled lives of the Ahwazi people.
The mass arrests have been carried out immediately after half hour of the start of the protest while protesters raised banners and have begun chanting slogans condemning the criminal policies of Iranian government.

More facts linked to Ahwaz's air pollution have been uncovered

More than 100 years passed since the discovery of black gold in
Al-Ahwaz, where World Health Organization (WHO) that is affiliated to United Nations Issued a report that ranked Al-Ahwaz for several years (2011-14) as the most polluted city in the world. Concurrent with the release of the report and after a hot and dry summer, Al-Ahwaz has saw widespread rainfall in recent weeks and unlike to the other places that were pleased for the rain precipitation, rainfall in Al-Ahwaz led to heavy air pollution and poisoning large numbers of civilians. 

Protests sweep through Ahwazi cities, and Iranian Occupation forces repress Ahwazi demonstrators

  Protests sweep through Ahwazi cities, and Iranian Occupation forces repress Ahwazi demonstrators Thousands of Ahwazi people have gathered on 14th of February in front of Ahwaz Governorate office in Ahwaz’s capital demanding swift actions to cope with the dust storm that has currently crippled lives of the Ahwazi people.
Ahwazi protesters by putting on masks on their faces angrily shouted criticizing slogans against lack of appropriate actions that expected to be taken by local authorities to alleviate the sufferings of the Ahwazi people as a result of the persistence of the dust storms. 
The Iranian occupation security forces by taking tight precautionary measures scattered and arrested key protesters in yesterday demonstration.

Mass demonstration in front of governor in Al-Ahwaz

Reliable sources has reported to the media Centre of the
Ahwazi revolution about peaceful demonstration of hundred of Ahwazis that taking place in front of the Khuzestan (part of Al-Ahwaz) governor on Tuesday 10-february of 2015.
The demonstrators by putting mask and holding placards has gathered due to recent severe dust storm that swept all over Al-Ahwaz and pollution has exceeded 70 times the standard level where visibility reduced to less that hundred meters and there are reports confirming of surge in death toll among Ahwazis who has respiratory illnesses   and also car accident.

Ahwazi protesters demanding from the Iranian authorities to take action that is needed to reduce the dust phenomena that cause various diseases and symptoms for Ahwazi Arab people.